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Buy Radiation Protection Chips for Mobile, Laptop, Desktop PC, Wifi Router – Envirochip
Easy To Use, Cost effective radiation protection chip for mobile, laptop, desktop & your router/ Buy Anti mobile radiation protector that fits any make and model.
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Know About Radiation

Become aware of the ill effects of radiations from your smart devices.

Envirochip: How it works?

How Envirochip works?
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Radiation protection from all smart devices.


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Chip in for a smarter life

The Envirochip takes care of the harmful non-thermal aspect of Radiation emitted from electronic gadgets by changing the nature of electromagnetic radiations to a form which is compatible with our body, so that there is no biological damage to the human body. The Envirochip does not absorb, deflect or reduce the intensity of the radiation, and therefore the signal quality or functioning of any electronic gadget it is fixed on is not compromised.

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Protect Yourself

World Health Organization (WHO) has classified mobile radiations as possibly carcinogenic (cancerous).

How Envirochip works?
Hand Strength Test showing effect of Cell Phone Radiation

Prolonged exposure to Electromagnetic Radiations from Mobile Phones, Computers and other personal Electronic Gadgets can cause:

  • Short term effects such as Headaches, Dizziness, Nausea & Fatigue.
  • Lower sperm count in men – The harm is done simply by keeping a mobile phone switched on in one’s pocket.
  • Risk to development of fetus in pregnant women.
  • Increased Stress Levels and risk to Heart – Tachycardia.
  • Glioma, Brain Tumour and Cancer in extreme cases

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Our Products

Syenergy Environics Limited, a company specializing in anti-radiation devices and Radiation Management Solutions has developed a unique and innovative product – Envirochip™which acts as a Radiation Protector Chip and protects the health of human beings from harmful Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) emitted by Mobile Phones, Computers, Tablets, Wi-Fi Routers and other personal electronic gadgets.

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Smart Device, Fashionable You

At EnviroChip we take your safety seriously, but we don’t compromise on looks either. Our range of colorful mobile radiation protection chips keep you completely safe from radiation harm while also being in the trend! That makes your device smart and you fashionable.

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