Testing & Certification
1. Effect on Health of People
The Envirochip has been tested for its effect on health of the people as per a medically approved protocol
Test Hypothesis:
People subjected to excessive Microwave Radiation tend to get stressed and suffer loss of immunity. This is found to occur most commonly due to excessive use of Mobile Phones, Computers and other Wi-Fi devices. This results in the pulse rate of human beings to increase.Human beings using Mobile Phones and Computers and being surrounded by other Wi-Fi devices for long duration (greater than 4 hours per day) and with a pulse rate of above 82 will notice a significant change and reduction in the their Pulse rate with the use of Envirochip.Pulse Rate of subjects was checked with and without Envirochip and reduction in pulse rate of those having pulse above 82 has been seen.
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Study Design:
This was a double blind crossover method to remove the placebo effect on the results

Study Protocol
Approved by Max Healthcare, India. Pulse rate recording for 7 days with dummy chips and 7 days with actual chips, twice a day as per an approved methodology with questionnaire filled in by every participant.
Testing was done on a sample size of over 500 subjects as per a medically approved protocol. Out of the subjects who had a pulse rate above 82, a 4.8 % reduction in their pulse rate has been seen. As per the hypothesis, this is a significant change and proves the effectiveness of the Envirochip.More details on the above test has been published in the Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering (JBiSE) in August 2013.

  1. Paper on Envirochip Testing published by Journal of Biomedical Sciences and Engineering , USA.
  2. Clinical Trail Registry of India (CTRI) Registration for testing of Envirochip
  3. Envirochip testing certificate from Max Healthcare
  4. Certificate received from Steria India, for testing of Envirochip
2. Functionality of Device and Signal Strength
Tests were conducted at the Lab of M/s. DB Technology, Cambridge, U.K., which plotted the strength of the Electromagnetic Field (EMF) with and without the Envirochip and carried out other tests which concluded that the Chip does not reduce or alter the strength of EMF. Therefore it was proved that the signal strength of the connection does not get altered in the equipment on which the Chip is fixed.

  1. Testing of Envirochip for signal strength by D.B.Technology, UK
3. Conformity with International Regulations
The Envirochip has received the “CE Marking” which declares that the product complies with all applicable European Directives and Regulations.

  1. CE Certificate
4. Green / Eco-Friendly Product.
Envirochip has been certified as a Green / Eco-Friendly Product by the Singapore Green Building Council (SGBC).

  1. SGBC Certificate
  2. SGBC Certificate