Envircover for Samsung Galaxy S10+ (Blue)


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Offer valid until Sept 30, 2019. 


Growing number of doctors and scientists believe that prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation from sources like mobile phones and other wireless devices puts you at risk of higher stress levels, reduced fertility, lower immunity, sleep disorder and even heart diseases. Research shows that kids, expecting mothers and old-age people are more susceptible to harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation. Protect yourself, not just your phone from the health hazards of Mobile Phone radiation with Envirocover Silicon soft back cover for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.


  • Introducing Envirocover: The only cover in the market with Envirochip Radiation Protection Technology. Fully integrated radiation protection technology with proven health benefits as certified by Max Healthcare(hospitals).


  • Envircover is CE certified as well as internationally tested and certified by Singapore Green Building Council for non-toxicity. Envirocover does not compromise the signal strength of your device – technology certified by DB Technology Lab, Cambridge, U.K.


  • Apart from protecting your health, this cover is created with precision cut to ensure perfect fit, giving you greater handling confidence. It sits-in perfectly over microphones, buttons, speaker, audio jack, camera and health sensors.


  • Anti-Scratch & shock resistant for upgraded protection of your S10 plus. Engineered material treated with anti-yellowing technology to ensure durability. Compatible with full coverage tempered glass and also available in exciting colors.


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