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Envirochip is available in 4 different packs, making it suitable for every individual and organization.

  • Phone Black

    Envirochip For Mobile

  • Wifi Black

    Envirochip for Wi-Fi Router

  • Laptop Black

    Envirochip for Laptop

  • mobile combo

    Envirochip for the Family Pack for Mobile

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What is Envirochip & How does it work?

Envirochip is a Radiation Protector Chip (commonly referred to as anti-radiation chip), which when fixed on a Mobile Phone, Laptop, Tablet PC and Wi-Fi Router neutralizes the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) emitted from the Mobile Phone/laptop completely. This is done by changing the nature of harmful radiations and making it non-bio-effective for the human body without reducing the signal strength or quality from the device.

The Envirochip has been tested extensively by reputed medical institutions in India and a lab in UK. Tests on more than 500 people have shown that their Stress levels have reduced by over 5%, which is medically significant. Improvements can be seen in various health parameters such as Pulse rate and Immunity.

Envirochip is selling in many Modern Trade Retail Stores and on E-Commerce Sites in India as well as in Countries such as Australia, Singapore, Thailand, etc.


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  • Market Size = More than 8 Billion Mobile Handsets currently in use, which makes the Market Size in terms of Revenue > 80 Billion US Dollars

  • Deal in an Innovative & Unique Product which contributes to better Health & Well-being of People

  • No credible competition in the market

  • Earn Good Profit Margin

  • High Return on Investment

  • Get good Sales & Marketing Support from the Company

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