Envirochip : How it works?

Syenergy Environics Limited, a company specializing in providing Radiation Management and Solutions has developed a unique and innovative product – ENVIROCHIP , which acts as a Radiation Protector Chip and protects the health of human beings from harmful Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) emitted by Mobile Phones, Computers, Tablets, Wi-Fi Routers and other personal electronic gadgets.


Hand Strength Test showing effect of Cell Phone Radiation
What does the “Envirochip” do?

The Envirochip takes care of the non-thermal aspect of Radiation emitted from electronic gadgets by changing the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiations emitted from them, so that there is no biological damage to the human body. The Envirochip does not absorb, deflect or reduce the intensity of the radiation, and therefore the signal quality or functioning of any electronic gadget it is fixed on is not compromised.

Why is the nature of electromagnetic radiation harmful and how does Envirochip change the nature?
Constant waves (Radiation) emitted from electronic gadgets disturb the cellular communication of the body. The Envirochip is a passive device and generates random waves at higher frequencies, which carry the constant Microwaves emitted from Mobile Phones, Computers and other Wi-Fi devices in a random form to make them compatible with the body’s waveforms, which is no longer harmful for the human body.