What is an Envirochip?

It is a Radiation Protector Chip to be fixed on mobile phones, computers, tablets and routers

What does it do?

It changes the nature of electromagnetic radiations emitted from mobile phones, computers and other Wi-Fi enabled gadgets, making them harmless to our body.

Why is the nature of electromagnetic radiation harmful and what does the Envirochip do to change the nature?

The nature of electromagnetic radiation / waveforms from any electronic gadget is ‘constant’, whereas the
nature of radiation / waveforms from the human body is ‘random’. Whenever any ‘constant’ waveform comes in
contact with the human body’s ‘random’ waveforms, the body perceives it to be a threat and tries to fight it, just
like when a harmful bacteria / virus has entered the body. Our Envirochip is made up of inert materials which
operate at a much higher frequency than the microwave radiations from Mobile Phones, Computers, etc. and
hence changes the waveform of radiation from ‘constant’ to ‘random’, so that it is no longer alien and harmful
for the human body.

Is the Intensity of radiation emitted from Mobile Phones harmful?

It is a common myth that the intensity of radiation emitted from a Mobile Phone is harmful. The human body is capable of absorbing the intensity of radiation emitted from such devices if used for a reasonable time. Intensity of radiation is related to the Thermal aspect of Radiation (heating of phone and ears), for which the
relevant international bodies and governments have developed standards. All major mobile manufacturing companies comply with these standards. However, the non-thermal aspect of radiation is infinitely more dangerous as it has a biological effect in the human body, and there are no standards developed to take care of
this aspect till date.

Why do we need an Envirochip?

Envirochip takes care of the harmful non-thermal aspect of radiation as it deals with the nature of radiation and changes the ‘constant’ waveforms of microwave radiation to ‘random’, so that there is no biological damage
to the human body.

Research has shown that electromagnetic radiation causes the following problems:

1. Increase in stress levels.
2. Tumour Growth

  • A WHO study in 13 countries concluded that the chances of developing a malignant tumour are significantly increased in people who use mobile phones for ten years or more.
  • They also found that a type of brain tumour called Glioma is more likely to be found in long-term mobile users.

3. Cataract

  • The cornea in the eye does not have a temperature regulating mechanism. A study found that exposure to 2-3 hours’ radiation produced cataracts in the eyes of rabbits.
  • Study done by an Inter-Ministerial Committee and Indian Council of Medical Research found that non-thermal aspect of radiation is infinitely more dangerous, due to which many biological effects can be seen in human beings and animals and need further research.

4 Reproductive Health is affected

  • Hungarian scientists found that there was a 30% decrease in the sperm count in intensive mobile phone users.
  • The harm is done simply by keeping a mobile phone switched on in one’s pocket, as mobile phones periodically transmit information to mobile towers to establish contact.

5 Pregnant Women & Children are affected

  • A pregnant woman and her foetus are both vulnerable as the radiations react continuously with the embryo, which may cause developmental malformations.
  • Children are particularly vulnerable, as the thickness of their skulls is lower than that of adults.

6. Cancer in extreme cases.

What tests have been done to prove the effectiveness of Envirochip?

Testing of the Envirochip has been done on over 300 people working at the Indian subsidiary of a French ITES company and on over 200 people in a leading Hospital using a double blind cross-over test and protocol developed by Max Healthcare. The test was registered with CTRI before conducting it. Using the Envirochip on the personal electronic devices over a period of 2 weeks has resulted in reducing the pulse rate by about 5% in people having high pulse rates (above 82). This implies a significant reduction in stress levels as pulse rate is a measure of the stress level of the human body. The results of the above test have also got published in a very reputed international journal – Journal of Biomedical Science and Engineering, USA.

Envirochip is CE certified. Envirochip has also been tested at DB Technology Labs, UK to prove that fixing the Envirochip on one’s device doesn’t not affect the functioning of the device in any manner.

What are the materials used inside Envirochip?

It is patented technology, where a combination of inert materials are used, and which operate at a higher frequency than the microwave radiation to become the carrier wave and change the ‘constant’ nature of microwave radiation to ‘random’ waves, which are no longer alien to the natural waveforms emitted by the
human body.

What is the life of Envirochip?

The Envirochip doesn’t have a shelf life, i.e., it will continue to work until it remains fixed on a device for which it is meant for (Mobile Phone, Computer, etc). If the Chip is taken off and put back on 2-3 times on any existing / new device, then the adhesive under the Chip may wear off and may not stick too well to the external surface of the device. Therefore, we recommend that if a device is being changed, then the Envirochip should
also be changed.

How do I know it works?

Try this simple Hand Strength Test:

  • Lift your hand (Fig. 1) and clench your fists. Ask someone to push one of your hands down with all the force and you try and resist. It will be seen that the hand does not go down easily.
  • Now hold your mobile phone (switched on) in one hand and ask your friend to push your other hand down with the same force and you resist in a similar manner (Fig. 2). Did you notice any change? Probably you will find that your hand is not able to resist and goes down easily.
  • Now fix “Envirochip” on your mobile phone and hold and again ask your friend to push your other hand down (Fig. 3). You will notice that you are able to resist, as in the 1st case.

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Where is Envirochip manufactured?

Envirochip is manufactured in New Delhi, India. Envirochip is the synthesis of in-depth understanding and research on radiation by the core team of Environics.

Is the placement of Envirochip important? Where do I place it?

Envirochip needs to be placed in a certain position in each of the gadgets for maximizing its effectiveness. The correct placement for each of the gadgets is given below:

  • WiFi


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