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Gift your Employees the protection against harmful radiations!

How Envirochip works?

Envirochip is a Radiation Protector Chip which when fixed on a Mobile Phone/Laptop, neutralizes the harmful effects of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) emitted from the Mobile Phone/laptop completely. This is done by changing the nature of harmful radiations and making it non-bio-effective for the human body without reducing the signal strength or quality from the device.

The Envirochip has been tested extensively by reputed medical institutions in India and a lab in UK. Tests on more than 500 people have shown that their Stress levels have reduced by over 5%, which is medically significant. Improvements can be seen in various health parameters such as Pulse rate and Immunity.

Why Envirochip is a good Corporate Gifting idea?

  • Effectively priced to get your employees the ultimate radiation Protection on the eve of New Year & Christmas.
  • Helps to protect the health of your Employees from any harm caused by electromagnetic radiations
  • Reduces the stress while they are working day & night for you by lowering the effect of exposure to electromagnetic radiations.
  • Helps in building healthy work environment & increasing overall productivity of your organisation.
  • Saves them from short term health problems caused by Radiations like headache, muscle pain, dizziness, insomnia, etc.

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Close to 1 million satisfied users already have the Envirochip fixed on their personal electronic devices


“I am very satisfied with the Envirochips and love to gift these to the persons whom I ‘truly care’. Your products are indeed very good. It is a real service to humankind.”
- Dr. Usha M. Luther,
Naturopath, Homeopath, Reiki Master, Numerologist
“I am glad I opted for Envirochip! I no longer feel the heaviness & dizziness even after spending long hours with my laptop & phone”
Ms. Shraddha Singh,
Owner Lo’pera Patisserie
“Of course I can feel a clear difference with the use of your Enviro Chip.”
Shekhar Gupta
The Indian Express limited
“My work entails me to spend hours in front of the laptop. I now have no worries for doing the same as I am protected from radiations! I recommend everyone to take action towards protecting themselves from radiations.”
Mr. Parag Shah
Senior Engineer,
ProofPoint Technologies.
  • Dr. Usha M. Luther
  • Shradha-Singh
  • shekhar-gupta
  • Mr.-Parag-Shah