About Us

About Our Company

Syenergy Environics Ltd. is a company headquartered in Gurgaon, India and has been studying the impact of various Natural, Environmental and Man-made Radiations and developed solutions to improve the health parameters of human beings affected by these Radiations. We have developed a science and a service known as “Environics”, which corrects the effect of some of the harmful radiations and energy flows from Geopathic Stresses (Earth’s natural sources of Radiation) in our living and working Environment – Homes, Offices, Factories, etc.
Environics is a result of more than 25 years of research and practical applications. The efficacy of this service has been validated from the feedback received from more than 1,800 establishments where it has been implemented since the year 2007. Most of them have reported better health, improved interpersonal relationships and reduction in machinery breakdowns. These include Steel Plants, Refineries, Airports, Power Plants, Industries, Offices of Government, Private and Multinational Companies, Educational Institutions, Retail Stores, Hospitals, Hotels, Homes, etc. .

Solutions to Protect from Electromagnetic Radiation – Envirochip Benefits and Instructions to Fix
After extensive research on radiations emitted from Mobile Phones, Mobile Transmission Towers, Computers and other personal electronic gadgets, we have developed products which change the nature of radiation, and therefore take cares of the harmful impact of radiation on human beings. We have developed the “Envirochip” , which protects the human body from Radiation emitted by Mobile Phones, Laptops, Desktop PC’s, Tablets, Wi-Fi Routers & other Wi-Fi equipped gadgets.
The Envirochip is being bought by individuals and also by many organizations for their employees and as corporate gifts for their customers. This serves as a very unique and effective way to say “We Care” for organizations and individuals who gift the Envirochip to their colleagues, family and loved ones.

Management Team


Ajay Poddar, Managing Director
An entrepreneur with a focus on science and research. A Civil Engineer from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi and having more than 35 years work experience in running various businesses in the Manufacturing, Mining and Services sector.He has been conducting research in the field of radiation for more than 25 years.Ajay has an active interest in social causes and manages an NGO in the field of Education, and is an avid musician and spiritual healer.


Pranav Poddar, Director
An industrial engineer from Purdue University, USA. Pranav heads the Sales & Marketing initiatives of the Company. Prior to joining Environics, Pranav has worked in the US for a Fortune 1000 company.Pranav is active in various Industry Chambers and has been the Founder Co-Chairman of the Young Business Leaders Forum at PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Delhi. The Forum engages with Entrepreneurs and Business owners in the age group of 25 – 45 years.


Manisha Matanhelia, Director – Operations
A qualified architect and a designer, she has studied traditional architecture of ancient India and has conducted extensive research on Bio-Electro-Magnetic energies built environment and their effects on Human health.