Happy Pregnancy to You

Protect your unborn and not just yourself

Pregnancy can be exciting and scary at the same time. From taking tips on eating nutrition packed laddoos from mom to reading tons of books on motherhood; you mark these 9 months with care and caution.

A healthy lifestyle becomes imperative during this time as every mother wants the best for their little one. You are happy replacing that junk food with soups and salads, early morning strolls no more seem like too much work and happy thoughts come naturally to you instead of stress and worry.

But another crucial aspect of an unhealthy lifestyle that most of us tend to oversee. Constant use of wireless devices can do more harm than we think. Seemingly harmless wireless devices in and around the house emit harmful  Electromagnetic radiation. Prolonged exposures to these radiations can add stress on your body and can be potentially hazardous to your unborn child.

Electromagnetic radiation or EMR is an electric & magnetic invisible field of energy created by wireless devices to help transmit data wirelessly. More and more studies have associated prolonged exposure to EMR with increased pulse rate, higher fatigue and even life-threatening conditions. IARC, an agency of W.H.O. (World Health Organization) has classified EMR as potentially cancerous.

Studies have also shown that spending too much time around radiation sources during pregnancy can result in reproductive health issues, improper fetus development, hyperactivity or low immunity of the unborn child. Mother’s own health can get severely affected, resulting in chronic headaches, disturbed sleep cycles and low quality of sleep, which can further lead to bigger problems.

Thus, if not for their own health, but for the well-being of the unborn baby, expecting mothers should make their environment safe and radiation-free. While it is easy to write about cutting back on the usage of wireless devices, but the truth is that we are all dependent on it for our daily needs, specially our mobile phones.

So how do we go about managing the EMR in and around the house?

Radiation’s strength depends on the proximity, keeping devices like wireless routers at a distance can reduce the impact significantly. This is known as inverse square law. Keeping the router in a part of the house that is not frequented by you, without compromising on the signal quality.

Switch off the unnecessary sources of radiation including tablets, laptops, Smart TVs at night, leading to cellular detoxification and also check the production of excess melatonin in the body (The sleep hormone – excess of melatonin in the body can disrupt the sleep cycles, cause headaches and make you feel irritated).

Scheduling the devices to automatically shut down during night can make the entire process effortless and automated. Controlling voltage surge is also highly beneficial in reducing the emission of EMF in your house.

With all this into effect, one thing still remains as a major source of radiation, being closest to us – Our Mobile Phone. We cannot just give it up, after all it is our portal to the world and loved ones. One of the easiest solutions to implement is by using radiation protectors.

Radiation protectors are basically agents that have the capacity to neutralize the harmful nature of these radiations, making them harmless to the human body. Few trusted brands in the market make authentic radiation protectors including Environics. Environics recently introduced Envirocover – A unique product that comes with Envirochip Radiation Protection technology. Envirochip technology has been internationally tested and certified for effectiveness.

Expecting mothers can create a radiation-protected environment for themselves by using the Envirocover on their devices. So be safe, be protected and use your technology wisely. Happy Radiation Protected Pregnancy to you!

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