Win over the evil radiations this Dussehra!

Come Dussehra and we all will be celebrating the festival that marks the victory of good over evil. But the battle between good and evil continues till date and we must continue to fight it until we are victorious. The evil we are talking about here is the harmful electromagnetic radiations that does not affect only us, but our children, our friends, our pets and all our loved ones.

Most of the electronic devices around us, especially mobile phones, laptop, desktop, and WiFi router, emit harmful radiations commonly known as EMR. Using these devices for longer duration over a longer period of time may result in certain ailments in our body. Studies have proven that the EMRs emitted by these devices are possibly carcinogenic i.e. causing cancer in nature. They also cause problems like headache, nausea, hearing impairment, skin diseases, loss of memory, and depression.

Now, we cannot get rid of these devices in our daily life because of obvious reasons. So, how to achieve mobile radiation protection? It is always advisable to use anti-radiation add-ons on these gadgets as they ensure that the user is exposed to minimum radiations possible and that too which are not harmful. One such anti radiation chip is Envirochip that you can fix on any of your device and save yourself. This radiation protection chip helps greatly in avoiding the EMRs without causing any interruptions. It is very easy to use. You need to just paste it at the back of any of the device and it’s done!

The anti-radiation chips take care of the non-thermal aspect of Radiation emitted from electronic gadgets by changing the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiations emitted from them, so that there is no biological damage to the human body. Not using mobile phones is not at all an option in today’s scenario and hence taking precautionary measures is very important.

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