Help your kids to do away with ‘Smartphone addiction’

Do you give your mobile phone to your baby to keep him or her busy? Have you ever given a cell phone to your children? If yes, then you have exposed them to the harmful electromagnetic radiations coming out from your handheld gadget.

A lot of studies and researches have suggested that electromagnetic radiations of certain low levels can be dangerous for human beings in many ways. Children are the most affected segment of this population because they easily become a victim of this cellphone addiction.

Experts advise that children should use smartphones only in emergency. Their skin including the skull and bones are thinner and soft, and the brain is still developing. So, they absorb the radiation more easily than adults. The waves penetrate more deeply into their brains, causing more damage.

Of course, we cannot throw away our cellphones in this fear. But we surely can play a significant role in regulating the time the children spend on the phone. Here are five ways to help you out:

Speak to the kids: Discuss with them at what time of the day would they like to keep the phone aside. Encourage them to follow it as a rule and appreciate when they do.

Introduce outdoor activities: Figure out which outdoor game/sport your child will be interested in and then take charge. If you don’t have time to go out with them daily, then find out the nearest sports club.

Be a role model: Be strict with yourself too. Try not to use phone out of office hours. This way you can set an example in front of your children.

Educate them: Your kids are smarter than you. Tell them in detail why do you want them to stay away from the cellphone. This will make them feel important too.

Track the usage: Not the best one, but setting passwords and tracking your child’s mobile phone usage can help you in mitigating the time he or she spends on it.

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