How Exposed are you to EMR?

The reverberations of the saying that our health is under consistent threat is coming from all over the world. We have surrendered our lives to the radiations that are coming from almost every device we use regularly. Mobile phones, Laptop, Wi-fi Routers, Tablets, PCs, Television, are few of the many devices and machines that are named on top when we pick on finding out the sources of this dangerous radiation.

Electromagnetic Radiation, commonly referred to as EMR, is the pervasive phenomenon that we cannot repel. But why has this become the ubiquitous part of our lives and why do we need to resist it?

Electromagnetic Radiation has the broad spectrum consisting of radio waves, microwaves, x-rays, gamma rays. With the leap that, technology has taken in the past century we are constantly surrounded by these radiations, which are being emitted from different gadgets, devices, and machines that we use regularly.
We have walked into the life of comforts, which has been manifested using the electromagnetic radiations dispersed into different devices, and today we are too used to them that we cannot completely resist these radiations.

Regularly Used EMR Emitting Devices

Electromagnetic Radiations are emitted from different devices and most of them are in one’s regular use. We can list down few electronic devices that are frequently in use and consistently expose us with EMR:

  • Mobile Phones
  • Tablets
  • Microwave Oven
  • Wi-fi Router
  • Television

The devices that are mentioned here can be classified as domestic appliances that are regularly in use and are the major source of exposing us to EMR.

It is never too late! Time to Reduce the Exposure of EMR

We are constantly surrounded by EMR emitting devices but fortunately, we are aware about the consequences and in the state to take required measures. We can take some preventive steps to minimize the exposure of our body to such sources of electromagnetic radiations as mentioned below.

  • Make your home a wi-fi free zone or use wi-fi radiation protection products on all wi-fi emitting devices.
  • Put your smartphones and tablets away from your body, you can keep them on the table when working on the couch/any other furniture when sitting at home watching TV or eating food etc.
  • Avoid usage of smart devices that are wireless; Though they add comfort to your lives, but they pose a serious threat to your health
  • Use anti-radiation chips on all your personal electronic devices.

You may wonder that some of the above mentioned steps are quite difficult to adopt as one’s lifestyle is completely dependent on these multiple devices. Moreover, reducing their usage is not as easy as it seems. To counter this helplessness, anti-radiation chips are available, that neutralizes the harmful impact of EMR and keeps your body safe against any health hazards due to constant exposure to EMR.

There are anti-radiation chips for mobile phones, anti-radiation chips for laptops and anti-radiation chips for router, which can protect against these harmful radiations and can keep you protected from any ill effects of radiation.

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