Radiation is one of the fundamental reasons for depriving you of sound sleep

When was the last time you complained about air & water pollution? Probably when you suffered from any illness because of those kinds of pollution! Today we have air-purifiers & water filters to take care of these.  But are you aware of ‘Radiation Pollution’ which is surrounding you 24*7??

In addition to brain cancer, health concerns from cell phone wireless radiation include increased oxidative stress, altered brain activity, hearing loss, fertility issues and impacts on brain neuron maturation. These adverse effects of Radiation on our health are due to the non-thermal/biological effects of radiation.

$25 Million US Government Study Finds Increased Cancer in Rats from mobile phone radiation.  All of this is due to the harmful impact of non-thermal aspect of radiation. Wireless radiation has been reported to damage sleep and the blood-brain barrier, which in turn can lead to higher toxic load on the body. Furthermore, well authenticated research studies have found that a known carcinogen exposure in combination with wireless and EMF exposure leads to a significantly increased risk of cancer development.

Research also shows that radiation decreases REM sleep, affects brain activity during sleep, alters circadian rhythms and results in sleep related cognitive changes. Protection from wireless exposures will lead to a healthier deep sleep and allow more time for your brain to detox.


At a moment when the pressure to live the perfect, productive, and Instagram-beautiful lifestyle is causing more anxiety than ever & sound sleep is most essential for your daily detox, make sure your protect yourself from radiation with Envirochip! Use technology responsibly !!

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