Cell phone for more communication, less radiation

One of the most used gadgets these days is undoubtedly the cell phone amongst other electronic devices. With each passing day, phones are getting smarter and technologically advanced, all for the benefit of the users. While using the mobile phone, everyone has an eye either for the phone’s specification or its usability and how it makes life easier. No one, however, gives much attention to the harmful side of mobile usage.

One of the most harmful aspects of using mobile is the electromagnetic radiation that one is exposed to while using it. Mobile phones along with other electronic devices are known for emitting electromagnetic radiation or more commonly known as EMR. Using phones for longer duration over a longer period of time may result in certain ailments which are results of exposure to EMR.

The EMR emitted by mobile phones are carcinogenic in nature and overtime they may cause various ailments such as headache, nausea and even cancer in worst case scenarios. It is always advisable to use anti-radiation add-ons with the phone so as to ensure that the user is exposed to minimum radiation possible. Various anti-radiation products such as Envirochip are available these days that help a great deal in avoiding the harmful radiation without causing any kind of interruptions.

The anti-radiation chips are very easy to use, all one needs to do is to paste the chip on the back side of the mobile phone and it’s good to go. The anti-radiation chips takes care of the non-thermal aspect of Radiation emitted from electronic gadgets by changing the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiations emitted from them, so that there is no biological damage to the human body. Not using mobile phones is not at all an option in today’s scenario and hence taking precautionary measures is very important.

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