Harmful Laptop Radiation – Why & How to Avoid!

In today’s world the computers have become an essential part of our lives. Using computers for work or recreational purpose has become somewhat of a habit. Being an inseparable part of our lives, the virtues of this technology are plenty. But along with its endless benefits and advantages, there’s a very dark side to it. The dark side is the electromagnetic radiations that the computers emit. Being carcinogenic in nature, the radiation emitted by computers affect the health of the humans. Also, more than desktops, laptops pose more threat to the human body. This is because, like the name suggests, the laptops stay closer to our body, especially on our laps.

A famous saying goes – a stitch in time, saves nine. Much similar is the case for electromagnetic radiations emitted by laptops and other electronic devices. The main problem with us is that most of us are either ignorant or tend to ignore the adverse effects of EMR. It often happens that children and pregnant women are using laptops keeping them at close proximity. Whereas the EMR is a lot more harmful to children and unborn child in mother’s womb. Not just that, almost every office goers in today’s world are using computers, a maximum number of whom are using laptops. Continuous exposure to these radiations adversely affects the health of the people.

There are numerous ways of avoiding these harmful radiations. One of the foremost is not to do as its name signifies. That is, to not keep it in your lap but away from the body. This helps us in avoiding the electromagnetic radiations to a substantial amount. Another way of avoiding radiation is by using Anti-radiation chips. Anti-radiation chips such as Envirochip helps by changing the harmful nature of electromagnetic radiations so that there is no biological damage to the human body.

With increasing use of electronic items in our day to day life, the amount of radiation we are exposed to is also increasing with leaps and bounds. It’s about time we take precautionary measures to save ourselves and the one we love from the ill-effects of Laptop radiation‎ protection chips before it gets too late.

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