Envirochip For Laptop

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Set of Three (3) Envirochips for a Laptop, packed and sealed with hologram.

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Application :
A Laptop requires Three (3) Envirochips. One (1) larger Envirochip (Size: 45 mm X 30 mm) to be fixed at the centre of the front panel of the device. Two (2) smaller Envirochips (Size: 45 mm X 15 mm) to be fixed at the centre of the two sides of the back panel of the device.

Benefits of Using Envirochip :
• Envirochip is an anti-radiation chip for laptop
• When fixed on a Laptop, it provides laptop radiation protection and neutralizes the harmful impact of Electromagnetic Radiation emitted from the device
• It helps to protect the health of the user from any harm caused by electromagnetic radiation
• It changes the harmful nature of microwave radiation emitted from a Laptop, without altering the signal strength and quality
• Envirochip helps in reducing the stress in the human body caused due to exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation over a period of time
• Envirochip has been tested extensively for laptop radiation protection and certified by leading institutions

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Weight.025 kg

White, Red, Black, Silver

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